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World Day of Prayer Service in Holy Cross Church on Friday 1st March at 2pm

World Day of Prayer Service

Friday 1 March at 2pm

in Holy Cross Church (Bangholm Loan)

Theme “I Beg You, Bear With One Another in Love”

There are refreshments in their hall afterwards, giving us a chance to meet and chat with our neighbours from local congregations.

This year the service has been written by the Christian women of Palestine. Since this service is prepared at least 2 years in advance before the recent conflict, it gives a view of their life with the many problems and challenges for Palestinian women even then; in Gaza, on the West Bank, and in Jerusalem; giving us an opportunity to hear their voices and pray especially for them now and for the future.

This year’s artwork represents 3 Palestinian women praying together in nature in a peaceful place.

There are olive trees/branches as a sign of everlasting and abundant life because these trees can live for thousands of years.

The golden roots underline the fact that Palestinians will always exist and as they exist, they will always resist for their rights and freedom.

Poppy flowers remind Palestinians of loved ones who have given their lives for their country.

The keys are a symbol of the hope to return back to Palestine.

We hope you are able to join us at the service.