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Wednesday Reflection

A new activity is swimming lessons. Two lessons so far and the coach has managed to get me, after many decades, to put my face in the water to get a better body position for swimming.

Breath in, put face in water then breath out under the water, then get another breath, place face in water and so on.
At first I was just walking along trying out the new breathing process, then I was holding onto the side to practice just floating and breathing; next came lying in the water with a small float in each hand whilst trying to kick with my legs. Some progess had been made!
This felt very good until the final stage – no floats – with only the water to support me.
I was told that it would do that but I couldn’t believe it when I tried even though I could see others managing fine. There was a lot of splashing around to get onto my feet again!
That certainly reminded me of the story of Peter trying to walk on water but also made me think about faith and belief.
We learn to trust that God is with us step by step through life. Even the smallest beginning steps can be difficult, learning to overcome our built in fears before we can progress. We do become able to trust a bit more that we are supported but we often still need other things around us to lean on as well.
It is the final stage of completely letting go that is tricky; when we leave all our own supports behind and trust totally that God has all the power to hold us up.