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Wednesday Reflection for 10th July

Wednesday Reflection This week we reflect on a hymn (CH4 no. 462) written over a hundred years ago by Henry Williams Baker based on Psalm 23 which is very familiar to many, carrying many memories. However, different parts of this hymn gain deeper meaning as we travel onwards through all the joys and challenges of […]

Wednesday Reflection for 3rd July

Wednesday Reflection This week we reflect on the words of a hymn (CH4 no. 189) written by David J Evans, taking it with us through the week whatever may occur in our life, and helping us pray for each other and the World Wide Church in different places, in different situations, knowing that God is […]

Wednesday Reflection for 26th June

Wednesday Reflection At the recent Early Birds service we thought about the beautiful world we live in. The summer challenge for the families and the whole congregation is to take a photograph of something beautiful that we see over the summer holidays (either in Edinburgh or further afield) so it can be shared and we […]

Wednesday Reflection for 19th June

Church garden

Wednesday Reflection written by James Robertson Tomorrow marks the celebration of the summer solstice; the holiday season is upon us. Some of you may have been on holiday in recent weeks; for others that pleasure has yet to come. As far as I am aware, there is no reference in the bible to Jesus taking […]

Speaker from Thistle 23 June

On 23 June at our 10.30 service, we welcome Hannah Fergague of Thistle Foundation to tell us more about the work of our new charity partner. A retiring collection for The Thistle Foundation will be taken up after the 30 June 10.30am Communion service.

Wednesday reflection for 12th June

Wednesday Reflection The 9th to 15th June is the week of prayer for SOCIETY, RELIGION AND TECHNOLOGY (SRT). Whilst the SRT team value your prayers on all aspects of their work at any time of the year, they ask that you particularly remember them during the second week in June each year- a date chosen […]

Afternoon Communion 19 June

On 19 June there will be a midweek afternoon Communion at 2pm. Please enter by Church Centre door.  Refreshments will be served afterwards.      

Early Birds 16 June

There will be an Early Birds service in the small hall on 16 June at 9.30am. This is an informal all-age service, especially enjoyed by families. After worship there are craft activities and refreshments. Enter by Church Centre  

Wednesday Reflection for 5th June

Wednesday Reflection written by Anne Fallow Have you ever been persecuted for something which you have NOT done?? Has your name been used wrongly of an action or have you been accused falsely resulting in your name being wrongly tarred and therefore you are under constant persecution, no matter how you deny this because the […]