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Afternoon Communion 17 April

Join us on Wednesday 17 April at 2pm for our Afternoon Communion. Enter by Church Centre (Clark Road) An informal service followed by refreshments.  

Wednesday Reflection for the second Sunday of Easter

Wednesday Reflection John ch 20 vs 19 to 31 On the second Sunday of Easter we think about the disciples who, after Jesus death and after finding the empty tomb, have hidden in a locked room for fear of the authorities. Jesus appears to them and they understood that he had risen and was alive. […]

Joyous worship on Easter Sunday

More than 130 people celebrated the Easter message that Christ is risen at our 10.30 Easter service. Of those 130, more than 30 folk were Early Birds/Pram Service families.  This group left the sanctuary (after The Rev Dorothy U Anderson’s exposition of the Easter story by means of noughts and crosses) for an Easter egg […]

Wednesday Reflection for 27th March

Wednesday Reflection In recent weeks many words have been written and reported in the media – about words. Words matter. Words affect others. There seems to be an increasing occurrence of the times when someone (often a person in authority) has said/written/tweeted a sentence or two that has come back to haunt them. An ‘off […]

Join us for Easter Day celebrations

Join us at 10.30am on Easter Day.  Our Pram Service and Early Birds families will join us before going out to our small hall for Easter activities and an Easter Egg hunt.  There will also be the sacrament of Holy Communion.  All welcome

Early Birds Easter egg hunt

On Easter Day, 31 March, the Early Birds and Pram Service families are joining the main service at 10.30am in the church for a short time before leaving for Easter crafts and snacks.  There will be an Easter egg hunt. We will meet in the small hall at 10.20am so that we can leave buggies […]

Holy Week services in Trinity and Granton

Local churches are uniting to offer Holy Week worship for our whole community.  Servcies will be as follows Monday 25 March Tuesday 26 March Wednesday 27 March All at 7pm in Granton Parish Church Maundy Thursday 28 March 7pm Communion at Wardie Parish Church Good Friday 29 March 7pm service at Inverleith St Serf’s Parish […]

Wednesday Reflection

Wednesday Reflection Getting Closer to Easter – are we prepared? Did March take you a bit by surprise, turning the calendar over from February and seeing Easter listed on the last weekend of the month? Or maybe you have been preparing for Easter for quite some time, with the Lenten season since Ash Wednesday. As […]

Early Birds change of date

This month Early Birds are joining with the wider congregation at 10.30am on 31 March for the first part of the Easter Day service, followed by an Easter Egg hunt. There will, therefore,  be no Early Birds service on Sunday 17 March.

Wednesday Reflection for 13th March

Wednesday Reflection – a prayer recently used in the magazine. Our Father, we look to you, the Creator, the beginning and the end. You are unfailing in your walk beside us but we look around, distracted by many things, too busy, too anxious, too fearful and feel forsaken; our strength fails us. Winter strikes; our […]