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Wednesday Reflection

Our Church Charity for the next two years
We are delighted to announce that the charity that has been chosen for the church to support for the next two years is the Thistle Foundation.
The Thistle Foundation is an Edinburgh based charity who “support people with disabilities and long-term health conditions to see life differently, to lead good lives, and achieve what matters most to them.” At Thistle Foundation they know that people are unique and offer a pioneering range of support which is focused on the wellbeing of the person and not the condition or disability.
Dear Lord, we thank you and praise you for the many ways
you have assisted us throughout the trials and sufferings of our lives.
We humbly ask you to pour out your grace and assistance
on all those who have a disability or a chronic illness.
Long periods of suffering can be very difficult to endure.
Those who have suffered from disability and chronic illness for a long time
are in great need of grace and strength
as they continue to endure the symptoms of their illness.
Please bless and assist all people who suffer,
and we especially ask you today to help all those
who have been suffering for a long time!
Help us to rely on you more fully in our lives.
Help us to grow closer to you each day, at every opportunity.