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Wednesday Reflection for the second Sunday of Easter

Wednesday Reflection John ch 20 vs 19 to 31 On the second Sunday of Easter we think about the disciples who, after Jesus death and after finding the empty tomb, have hidden in a locked room for fear of the authorities. Jesus appears to them and they understood that he had risen and was alive. […]

Wednesday Reflection for 27th March

Wednesday Reflection In recent weeks many words have been written and reported in the media – about words. Words matter. Words affect others. There seems to be an increasing occurrence of the times when someone (often a person in authority) has said/written/tweeted a sentence or two that has come back to haunt them. An ‘off […]

Wednesday Reflection

Wednesday Reflection Getting Closer to Easter – are we prepared? Did March take you a bit by surprise, turning the calendar over from February and seeing Easter listed on the last weekend of the month? Or maybe you have been preparing for Easter for quite some time, with the Lenten season since Ash Wednesday. As […]

Wednesday Reflection for 13th March

Wednesday Reflection – a prayer recently used in the magazine. Our Father, we look to you, the Creator, the beginning and the end. You are unfailing in your walk beside us but we look around, distracted by many things, too busy, too anxious, too fearful and feel forsaken; our strength fails us. Winter strikes; our […]

Wednesday Reflection

Wednesday Reflection Maybe time for an update on the swimming lessons I spoke of on 11th November last year. Then, after 2 lessons, I was learning to float unaided and feel comfortable in the water. It was exciting to learn a new skill and that carried me through the next few lessons step by step. […]

Wednesday Reflection on 3rd March

Wednesday Reflection Thoughts from an Easter Day service written by Anne Fallow In the aftermath of a disaster, any disaster, we are all in shock, we are all dismayed we are all deeply saddened Do the events of Easter compare? Are we affected by them and how? Do the Easter hymns and music affect us […]

Wednesday Reflection

Lent or Lento? The first three months of the calendar year can be particularly challenging; not least because of the demands we often choose to place upon ourselves. In January, the making (and breaking) of New Year resolutions can heighten our sense of weakness and inadequacy. And then we enter the season of Lent: this […]

Wednesday Reflection

Wednesday Reflection The Start of our Lent Journey As we are now in the first full week of lent, we start thinking about our journey towards Easter. During this time, Christians may fast or give up some of their usual routine to give time to personal examination and to reflect on their relationship with God. […]

World Day of Prayer Service in Holy Cross Church on Friday 1st March at 2pm

World Day of Prayer Service Friday 1 March at 2pm in Holy Cross Church (Bangholm Loan) Theme “I Beg You, Bear With One Another in Love” There are refreshments in their hall afterwards, giving us a chance to meet and chat with our neighbours from local congregations. This year the service has been written by […]

Wednesday Reflection – 14th February

A prayer for Racial Justice Sunday from 11th February. God of all, You have named each and every one of us as your child. Remind us that we are God breathed; beloved and imbued with beauty and dignity. As we gathered in Your presence on Racial Justice Sunday in different communities around the country, unify […]