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Wednesday Reflection

Wednesday Reflection

Maybe time for an update on the swimming lessons I spoke of on 11th November last year. Then, after 2 lessons, I was learning to float unaided and feel comfortable in the water. It was exciting to learn a new skill and that carried me through the next few lessons step by step.

Since the start of this year I have been able to produce a reasonable, although slow, front crawl on my own but only for the first 6 metres which is as long as my first big breath lasts.

BUT then I had to learn to breathe as I went; how to turn my body to get my head out of the water and get a good gulp of air so I could continue moving along.

This is still a work in progress and each week seems to produce very little improvement. The other end of the pool is still a long way away.

The coaches are trying everything they know to encourage me and give me little pieces of advice to improve putting the whole thing together. They tell me how well I am doing, how my position in the water looks good.

The beginning of our Christian journey when everything is new and exciting helps to carry us through. We can think we have ‘got the hang of this’. The first enthusiasm and success keeps us on the way until we run out of breath, until we face new challenges and have to leave behind the comfortable place we have reached.

As we go forward we will find advice on how to correct the things that hold us back; we will find encouragements and support to try new ways; and we learn to turn towards Jesus to get the next breath, and then the next and the next so that we can get to the end of our journey.