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Wednesday Reflection

Wednesday Reflection
Getting Closer to Easter – are we prepared?
Did March take you a bit by surprise, turning the calendar over from February and seeing Easter listed on the last weekend of the month? Or maybe you have been preparing for Easter for quite some time, with the Lenten season since Ash Wednesday.
As we head towards the most important holiday or “holy day” in the Christian year, we have the opportunity to anticipate and meditate on the life of Jesus and His teachings recorded in Scripture. Celebrating Easter becomes a joy-filled gift, as our preparation gives way to deeper understanding and gratitude.
We also have the opportunity to go about life as normal, with our thoughts about Easter around who to spend our time with, what to cook for lunch, or how soon we can return home to turn on the TV!!!
We must each decide what we want this time of preparation to look like and move toward. The best way to assess how prepared our hearts are for Easter, is to assess the words that come out of our mouths.
In Matthew 12:34, Jesus teaches “For the mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart.” Listening to our own conversations and what we contribute to discussions will be a direct indication of what is rooted in our heart and reveal what we are dwelling and meditating on.
If complaints and outrage are the topics of our discussions, there might be cause to pause and reflect on what we are letting in to our minds and hearts. If we are meditating on Scripture and talking about seeking God in prayer or praising Him for our blessings, then we can see a heart ready to celebrate a risen Saviour on Easter, in the fullness of joy.
A prayer as we prepare for Easter.
We come before You in prayer for what it is in Your heart to reveal to us in this exact time. We can read the Word over and over again, but each time unlock and uncover through Your Spirit something new to cling to, embrace, or come into an understanding with. Lord, help us not miss what You want to show us in this time. You are a good Father who gives good things, and our heart’s desire to come to know You more intimately on this earth. In preparing for this Easter season, allow us to come before You with ears ready to hear and hearts ready to embrace all that You have for us.
written by Susan Brown