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Wednesday Reflection based on Good Shepherd Sunday

Wednesday Reflection

Last Sunday the focus of our worship was on Jesus as the Good Shepherd; indeed, it is known as Good Shepherd Sunday. The words and music of our service therefore acknowledged the essence of Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. It is likely that we have all sung this psalm for most of our lives. Yet it is also likely that the word “shepherd” does not regularly feature in our daily vocabulary. How does this word make you feel? Our understanding is that Jesus is our shepherd and that he is guiding us. And this gives us pause to reflect – are we being a shepherd and guiding others? Perhaps in this context, shepherding (or guiding) simply means looking out for someone; being just one step ahead and making sure that their particular pathway is clear. A phone call, a visit, a conversation that begins not with the words “how are you?” but with “how are you?”. This slight adjustment can make a big difference. Let us all think of someone to whom we might be a good shepherd; and that in so doing, they too will not want.

written by James Robertson