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Wednesday reflection for 12th June

Wednesday Reflection

The 9th to 15th June is the week of prayer for SOCIETY, RELIGION AND TECHNOLOGY (SRT).

Whilst the SRT team value your prayers on all aspects of their work at any time of the year, they ask that you particularly remember them during the second week in June each year- a date chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the birth of one of Scotland’s greatest scientists, the physicist James Clerk-Maxwell. Clerk-Maxwell was also a prominent Christian and an elder of the Church of Scotland.

Since the SRT Project was set up in 1970, it has covered a wide variety of topics – from stem cells to synthetic biology, and from economics to environmental issues. It seeks to bring a Christian ethical understanding to issues which are often controversial.

God has given us a wonderful world, and has given us the ability to explore and understand it. We can also manipulate our environment- for good or ill. As a species, humans have had a huge impact on the planet—and continue to do so.

One of the questions which is often considered by SRT is: “Just because we CAN do it, does that mean that we SHOULD do it?”


We, therefore, pray for all the people involved in SRT, that they may be guided and protected as they seek to serve the church in this work.

We pray that God will give guidance and discernment to all who seek to draw lines between helpful ad harmful innovations.

We pray for the impacts of technologies on society- on how we interact, on how we view ourselves, other people, or the world around us- even how we view God.

And we give thanks for the opportunities to explore the issues that technology raises; pray for wisdom as we reflect on how these technologies might be used.