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Wednesday Reflection for 19th June

Church garden

Wednesday Reflection written by James Robertson

Tomorrow marks the celebration of the summer solstice; the holiday season is upon us. Some of you may have been on holiday in recent weeks; for others that pleasure has yet to come. As far as I am aware, there is no reference in the bible to Jesus taking a holiday. Cut-price air travel was not yet available and opportunities to ‘get away from it all’ were not quite what they are today (please note: there is evidence to suggest that Jesus may have visited Glastonbury – see link below). Yet Jesus was human. Like everyone else he would become tired and exhausted. Today we may suggest that Jesus was a frequent victim of burnout. Rest was essential. On such occasions Jesus would choose to take himself away; not far away, perhaps, but often to a quiet place where he could be alone. A place to pray. A place to reflect. A place to BE. This is an example that we would all be wise to follow. It is not necessary for us to book planes, trains and automobiles. Passports can be passed over. As the lyricist Stephen Sondheim once wrote: “There’s a place for us”. So, in these summer months before us, it can be helpful for us all – whether at home or abroad – to find a place where we might feel far from others yet close to God.