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Wednesday Reflection for 1st of May

The Vine and the branches based on John ch 15 vs1 to 4     written by Anne Fallow

Grapes and wine are produced from a vine which can be further shared by taking cuttings which will spread the good work of the vine to other regions.

We can copy this by sharing our good habits and talents.

However, patience is required in the waiting.

Patience to see the fruit of the vine just as we wait to see seedlings appear and bloom in a garden. Flowers and fruit are the rewards for the patience and attention paid to the plants during their growing, just as looking after family over many years.

Whilst waiting we do need to ask God if we are doing ok?

Are we passing on knowledge, experience, encouragement to the next generation to continue flowering and fruiting in a good way??

There is another and perhaps simpler way of passing on good news and good feelings so could it be said, in a rather old-fashioned way; ‘Why not just do the correct thing always and ignore those who laugh and smirk at you because you are content with your lot.’

You do not have to be THE VINE as that can only be God.

Vine of truth, in you we flourish;

by your grace we learn and grow.

May the word of Christ among us

shape our life, your will to know.

Joined to Christ in living, dying,

may we help the Church convey

witness to the saving gospel,

bearing fruit of faith today.