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Wednesday Reflection for the second Sunday of Easter

Wednesday Reflection

John ch 20 vs 19 to 31

On the second Sunday of Easter we think about the disciples who, after Jesus death and after finding the empty tomb, have hidden in a locked room for fear of the authorities.

Jesus appears to them and they understood that he had risen and was alive. But Thomas was away and needed to see with his own eyes and physically touch Jesus to believe.

Thoughts from an Easter Sermon from 2016.

Jesus loves his disciples when they are paralyzed by fear and disbelief. He loves them enough to come back for doubting Thomas, to come back for the one who doesn’t believe; loves them enough to personally come and be with them in their fear — and not just once, but twice; loves them enough to absorb their doubts into his perfect peace.  

He loves them enough to give them chance after chance to become the people of great faith, indeed the very foundation of His church, that He has ordained them to be.

The disciples don’t deserve a second visit by Jesus, but they get one. Jesus comes, and comes again, to his trembling disciples. Week after week, he shows up in the space of fear and doubt and stretches out his wounded hands, full of mercy, to invite them to believe.

We have heard the Easter story more times than the disciples have, probably more times that we can count. And yet no matter how many times Easter rolls around, there is some voice of doubt that continues to say, really? Really? Risen from the dead? Really??

But week after week, Easter after Easter, the Son of God walks into our midst.

Christ’s unlimited love, and Christ’s refusal to let our doubt get in the way of a relationship with Him: this is the good news for the trembling people of God on the second Sunday of Easter.

According to John’s gospel, you can depend on the fact that when you begin to doubt and fear – whether this week, or next week, or a decade from now – the risen Christ will not stay away from you.

Into our shelters, into our doubts and disbelief, just when we’re sure that this time, the sky is really falling: the Risen Christ appears to us. He walks right into the midst of us: with arms outstretched, bearer of peace, vanquisher of death, the champion of heaven.

He promises to come and to come again, one more time, and another time after that, as many times as it takes.  As long as you and I have need, he comes: the risen and glorious Christ, forevermore, world without end. Amen.