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Wednesday Reflection on 3rd March

Wednesday Reflection

Thoughts from an Easter Day service written by Anne Fallow

In the aftermath of a disaster, any disaster,

we are all in shock,

we are all dismayed

we are all deeply saddened

Do the events of Easter compare?

Are we affected by them and how?

Do the Easter hymns and music affect us / assist in our interpretation?

In my opinion, music makes the moment, or adds to it enormously.

What do we feel for the participants, are we moved equally for each or is there one whom we think about more than others: –

Mary mother of Jesus;

Peter who denied Him 3 times;

even Judas.

ourselves who don’t follow as we should??

After the great shock and surprise of the rolled stone, of the empty tomb in the garden, do we feel relaxed, relieved and willing to believe?

Do you garden?

Are you smitten by the new growth of Spring?

Do you marvel at the first snowdrops, crocus and daffodils?

Any new growth is a miracle to me,

the first shoots of any plant granted rebirth or new birth is a miracle.